Company Formation in Serbia

Join fast growing economy, with highly educated yet relatevely cheap workforce and low taxes

StartBusiness ensures complete, fast and efficient company formation in Serbia with full business support.

The setup of a company in Serbia is the right choice for those wishing to enter a dynamic market in one of the fastest growing economies in Europe (Serbia is ranked first among 38 European economies in terms of year-on-year growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter) and benefit from its low profit taxation. Serbia has highly qualified and well-educated people potential (while being one of the cheapest workforce in Europe).

Start Business offers all the services you need (One Stop Shop) and provides you with a well-established company, attention to every detail, customized to your actual and future plans.

Why Clients Trust Us?

Experienced team

Our team consists of economists, lawyers and business managers which will work together with you and ensure fast and efficient company setup and best legal form selection that will suit your business goals and needs, while staying up to date with regulation and laws in Serbia.

Quality over Quantity

What you’ll find to be different about us is the quality of overall experience and service we provide. Unlike most large companies, we form real partnerships with our clients.

When you choose to work with us – we treat you like family, just like we treat all of our clients, and provide the high quality service you deserve.

Directness and Transparency

We are all to familiar with the common scenario of being passed from a sales person who was just pitching you to win your business to a project manager who doesn’t really know who you are or what you’re all about.

You don’t have to worry about that when you enter into a relationship with StartBusiness – as you get to work directly with the owners of the company.

Nubers we are proud of:

Years Of Expirience

Companies Registered

Meetings Organized

Company Formation: Easy, quick and careful process

We undertake your company’s formation project, with just few signatures from your side. You only need to visit our office once. Working together with you, we set up its structure from the very beginning, provide you with (optional) consulting based on our experience and draft the necessary documents for the company’s incorporation, considering actual and future challenges.

Everything done in 3-5 days.

Once you sign the power of attorney and provide us a copy of your passport, we take everything from there. If you are opening LLC (Limited Liability Company), we will need to visit notary together to sign Founding Act which we will draft. From there you are done, and you should expect your company to be open in 3-5 days. When we receive the confirmation, we will provide you with all original documents.

Additional services you may want

We also provide additional services you may find usefull, all on one place, such us:

Bank account opening  and E-banking (included in our Most-popular plan), accountant services, virtual headquarters, working permits, visa-D and temporary residency. We also offer website creation to make your business more visible, and digital marketing service that will kick-start your company.

Cost Effective Plans

By your side, with After Sales Services, once your company is incorporated

Once your company is set up, you can still count on us to be “your people in Serbia”! As hundreds of our clients can confirm to you, we will remain by your side, with solutions and / or advice by the right experts for anything that might occur in the future.

We also guide you on how to legally prepare your first invoices, how to organize and issue the necessary documents you will need and how you will collaborate with your accountant.

Also, once you have a new idea that you wish to implement, we are here to sit down with you, carefully analyze the new data, structure your potential future project and adjust your company accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding company

formation in Serbia

How easy is to set up a company in Serbia?

Collaborating with our company, you will experience an easy, quick, but also punctual and careful company formation, always “by the book”.

How many times do i need to visit your office in order to set up a company?

We can pre-organize all activity and paperwork, so you can only visit our office once. You only need to sign us power of attorney and go with us to notary office and we take everything from there. In maximum 5 working days your company will be open and we will handle you all the original documents.

What documents i need to provide?

You only need to send us a copy of your passport.

What type of company should i open?

Most common option would be a Limited liability company (LLC), but in some cases other type of company might be more suited. You can find out more about types of company in Serbia here, but you can be assured that we will carefully consider all your business needs and goals and recomend best availible option.

Can a non-resident be a director of the company in Serbia?

Yes, the law allows this option with no mandatory residency registration for non-residents. The application is provided with a personal number that enables employment, social security and all other legal options of the person authorized to represent the company.

What is a minimum founding capital needed?

The minimum amount of founding capital for company registration in Serbia is RSD100, which is less than €1.

Set up your new company in Serbia!