Accounting and Legal Services

Name your problem and we will come back to you with the solution plan!

We are entrepreneurs, just like you! We have been through many different situations and always tried and found the proper solutions! Nowadays Start Business Consulting combines the experience and know-how of our team with the several excellent partners we have carefully chosen through the best of Serbia.

When we offer a service through one of our partners, we follow up the situation and we remain at your disposal to interfere and help, if asked.

Accounting services

3 options: One of the top 3 Serbian accounting companies + 2 other serious professional firms. All of them are tested by us throughout the years.

  • Simple book-keeping with one of the best prices in the market nowadays
  • Taxation, Tax compliance and Tax optimization
  • Customs
  • Transactions involving multiple countries
  • Dealing with China and UK – EORI documentation
  • And tens of other services for different problems and situations

Legal services

We have permanent collaboration with 2 lawyers, while we have a wide range of top experts to collaborate with, depending on the problem.

  • Legal services in many different sectors
  • Drafting of contracts you may need for different purposes
  • Full services for Intellectual Property Registration in Serbia in collaboration with one of the top experts in Serbia in this sector.

We have the solutions you need!