Residence permit in Serbia

Temporary residence is a residence permit for a foreign national in the Republic of Serbia granted to a foreigner who intents to stay in the Republic of Serbia for over 90 days

Temporary residence in Serbia can be obtain by the following grounds:

  • Residence permit by company formation / self-employment
  • Residence permit by real estate investment
  • Residence permit for Students

Procedure for obtaining residence permit in Serbia can be long and complicated, but with our expirience and connections we made during our 8 year presence, we guarantee the successful, complete and fast issuance of a temporary residence and work permit (if needed).

  • All done in maximum 45 days.
  • You don't have the obligation to stay in Serbia for the┬áduration of the residence process
  • All you need is to come to Serbia 2 times and within 30 days you will get a Serbian residence in a very easy and simple way
  • All in 1 packet (Residence, Company Formation, Bank account and work permit if needed)

We have the solutions you need!